Hi! I'm Ake.

I would like to show you your most beautiful self.
When I have a camera in my hand, I’d like to show you around my visual world.

“If you could see yourself the way that others do,
you’d wish you were as beautiful as you” Jon Bon Jovi

We see ourselves daily in the bathroom mirror. But seeing yourself in a photo, being coached in a beautiful pose, is a completely different experience.

My job is to create a happy and relaxing atmosphere in the photo studio. It’s not your job to be good in front of a camera. My goals is to help you through your photo shoot and to show you the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself.

“Everyone deserves a beautiful portrait of themself. So do you!” Ake

I am always looking for beauty in everyday things. The apps on my iPhone are sorted by color, I fold my clothing Konmari style and my entire world is a playground of light and color. Creating beauty is my happy place, but never forget: perfection is boring without an emotional connection.

What can I do for you?
In my lovely photo studio in the South of Antwerp or on location, we will create portraits of yourself that you love. A photo session will be such an easy and fun experience!

Beauty through connection. Everyone is beautiful.